We bought our first bulldog in 1989 after that young man came into our house we decided to buy another  bulldog, it was then that we got to know Arthur and Susan Rowe who pointed Gail in the right direction , we purchased a lovely white bitch " Molly "from June Cunningham down at Grantham. Sadly our first young man " Spencer" didnt live that long and we were then left with one, so we then contacted Peter Robson and we then purchased another lovely boy "Bernard " from out of his stud dog, yet again we were smitten and Susan and arthur came to the rescue and we got another red & white bitch " Lucy"  who was our first to produce a litter  with the great help and guidence of our very best pals Stephen & Karen Paull,  Without these two people Gailbulls would never have happened.   We then started our own breeding along side Takamyne  from whom we  bred  Music Matilda, Borders Rose, Lakelands Lass, Ringo he's a star.   We also have other bullies who we are in partnership with Stephen and Karen  Takamyne Mitchel, Razzel Dazzel Jack and Takamyne Bert.   You can see Gail and Stephen at almost every club, Champ  show ,  with there gang .



Denis and Gail Westmorland