It is always sad when you loose a pet, people talk about your heart breaking I know how that felt each time we have lost one of out bullies I have been unable to go to work as my whole  world was turned upside down, the only consolation I get is to know that they were loved and spolit as much as any one of our children .  Bullies have been part of our life since my first boy spencer.



06/08/1995-  01/11/98
He  was a lovely little man,our first bulldog and spoilt rotten , he had a hard time  the first few months of his life but he was well worth it.  He was known as the bulldog that comes with Denis Westmorlands band when my husband was playing, he went to clubs, village halls and  hotels with us.  We lost him suddenly and what a shock!

" Molly"


16/10/96--  04/09/2005
What a lovely girl she was,loved people with a passion but a bossy boots kept us all right, loved all puppies , but sadly she never had any,  She decided to go to sleep  when she was sat outside in the sun  watching our puppies at the time, I bet she is still keeping her eyes on our puppies that have arrived since she left us.



15/9/98-- 15/6/06
What a big handsome brindle man he was , big soft lad, he was a hit with all and everyone, and loved molly with a passion never got over her going to sleep. My love of brindle started with this lovely man, we do miss he was a star when the floods of 2005 he swam up Warwick Road to the delight of Sky Television he was truly a star